Due to testing next week our class meetings will be cut short. Therefore to continue our study of World History and prepare you for the AP Exam in May, I have assigned a reading and study guide questions which will be due on Monday upon our return from testing week.
 We will have a Socratic seminar over the reading so be prepared. Use this time to get organized for the next 6 weeks, Use your time wisely please do not wait till the last minute to do your homework...extra time does not mean extra procrastination. Study Guide questions for the reading are posted on the HSA Database.
READING ASSIGNMENTS> Due to technical difficulty I am extending the reading assignments for Chapter 1-3 due by Friday!  If you have questions feel free to email me or blog me! This blog is used to discuss questions you have for the reading!

- Ms.Flores
Class, If you have any questions over any Assignment, do not hesitate to ask me on this blog. This is for you guys so use it as much as you can !  GOOD LUCK !

Mrs. Cortez
Students I think this is great way to learn and advance your knowledge, so squeeze knowledge out of AP World history class.